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£285 £1425 £3420 18 Days


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Sports Coaching

£240 £1200 £2880


£ 240 £1200 £ 2880
  • 2x Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation, with Wifi and house manager
  • Food: 3 x meals/ day, Monday – Friday.
  • Transport: to and from programs during program hours.
  • Excursions: Bi-monthly (every second weekend)
  • Volunteering Program equipment and services.
  • Surfing Program: Equipment Rental & 3x Surf Lessons/Week.
  • Flights,
  • Travel insurance,
  • spending money,
  • transport out of program times,
  • Recreational activities outside of planned excursions.


Low Season


The land of South Africa sings with joy after long dry months of no rain. Local longboarders flock to Muizenberg beach as the swells slowly roll in and the wind blows a warm offshore North Westerly. The air has a unique chill, refreshing but still better spent indoors, huddled up by the fire drinking soup and staying warm. The South African sun is slow to rise behind the ice capped mountains, but when dancing between stormy clouds, it breaks through and often we see warm and cozy afternoons lazing in the winter sun. This time of the year is ideal for surfing Muizenberg as the conditions are offshore and the waves are consistent – We venture up the East Coast to seek  warm water and weather as well as some monumental moments in time such as the WQS event in Jeffreys Bay which always brings the best surfers in the world and good times to follow.

Schools are closed for 3 weeks between June and July, so volunteering programs are limited but still running.

High Season


Warm weather, warm water, small waves and busy beaches. Summer in South Africa attracts attracts holiday makers from all around the world, as they flock to our pristine beaches and explore our extraordinary mountain ranges. The streets are buzzing and one can find something interesting to do at any time of the day, with good food and wine markets, Kalk Bay nightlife and sunsets on Noordhoek beach.

SURFING: This time of the year the South Easterly trade winds are stubborn and strong making the conditions ideal for beginner surfers at Muizenberg and awesome for advanced surfers to explore the icy Atlantic seaboard for some more challenging breaks.


Nature calls for rain, the air is warm but not as smotheringly hot as in summer. Thunderstorms and lighting create a glorious atmosphere to match the dramatic landscapes as the fall brings out the deep oranges, reds and yellows. Certainly a favorite time of the year for many, as your likely to find exceptional weather in the mid ranges, less tourists and cheaper prices.

SURFING: An abundance of waves on both the East and West Coast as the wind eases off and gives Cape Town a little breathing space.

Still evenings with a slight chill call for evening sunset walks on the beach, fantastic mountain walks as the landscapes start greening again, and certainly the most attractive of all is the viewing the Southern Right Whales in the False Bay.

An awesome time all round to visit Cape Town and if you can brave the slight temperature and atmospheric drop from the hot summer buzz, then your certainly in for a treat over the Autumn time.


Spring time is a local favorite as “Capetonians” start to  emerge  from their winter hibernation, and often adventure out to the West Coast to see the wildflowers come to bloom, or spend lengthy afternoons in the botanical gardens soaking up the sun.

SURFING: The waves are plenty as the North Westerly wind continues to blow the east coast clean, and the arrival of the winter swell brings week longs periods of offshore waves.


Term Weeks Dates
Term 1 Summer 2018: 1-12 Weeks: 15 January – 10 April 2018
Term 2 Autumn 2018: 1-12 Weeks: 10 April – 26 June 2018
Term 3 Winter 2018: 1-12 Weeks: 17 July – 09 October 2018
Term 4 Spring 2018: 1-10 Weeks: 09 October – 18 December 2018

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