Gap Year South Africa

Gap Year South Africa offers fully inclusive Gap Year Programs that host a variety of options ranging between Volunteering, Learning to Surf, Sports Coaching, Travel and much more. Our Programs are based in Cape Town, South Africa and the Gap House is located in the South Peninsula, which happens to be the hub of the Surfing Community. We support impoverished communities through an ethical and sustainable approach to Volunteering that you can read more about on the PROGRAMS page. 


We believe that the best way to Enjoy South Africa is through learning something new, traveling with a group of good friends, and giving back to those who need it most through Volunteering in the community.

This is NOT just an AWESOME travel Gap Year but a life changing experience that shapes your destiny and challenges your views on the way you see the world.




Our Gap Year Programs includes Accommodation, Food, Transport, Project Facilitation, and Travel&Tour.

These are just a few of the awesome Programs that we offer, take a look around & get in touch if you want to find out more.



Choose a program that speaks to your skills and interests, from our a range of Volunteer Opportunities

Noordhoek Beach


Get a little and give a little back as you Learn to Surf at Muizenberg Beach, volunteer and teach swimming&surfing with Ubuntu.

Garden Route Safari


Travel and Explore everything that South Africa has to offer with our Inclusive Tours and other Travel Packages.

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