Terms & Conditions

1. Any reference made to “GYSA” below will refer to the Sole Proprietor Business, namely: “GAP Year South Africa, situated at 9 Central Circle, Fish Hoek.


2. By making a booking with GYSA, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the terms, conditions, notice periods and disclaimers contained in this agreement.


3.The Supplier reserves the right to institute changes and amendments to any of the terms in this agreement on condition that reasonable notice thereof is given to the Client in writing.


4. Prices quoted are valid for a period of 10 days only and subject to unforeseen circumstances. The price may be subject to increase due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of GYSA (i.e. sudden changes exchange rates and/or supplier charges) or due to unforeseen circumstances.  The customer will however be bound to the original quotation, unless the Program is longer or shorter than anticipated in which case, if possible, the costs will be adapted pro rata.


5. GYSA undertakes to, unless it states a specific limitation, offer the services as stipulated on the PROGRAM at the advertised prices. Although GYSA takes care to ensure that all quotations are correct, it will not be bound to any price that contains an inadvertent and/or obvious error.  If a mistake occurs in any advertisement, GYSA undertakes to take all reasonable steps to inform the customer of the correct details.


6. GYSA requires payment of the deposit well in advance but at least 3 months before the commencement of the Program.


7. We may impose a cancellation fee in the event of late-cancellation (i.e. less than 60 calendar days before the commencement of the Program) of this fixed term agreement between The Company and The Client.  The fee will depend on the nature of the services booked in advance, the length of notice of cancellation before expiry of the term, the reasonable potential to find alternative clients for the remainder of the term and the reason for cancellation. 


8. Please choose carefully when you elect a certain Project as GYSA does not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make the wrong decision. If there is another Project that runs at the same time, we may be able to accommodate you, but otherwise, you will forfeit all monies due to your incorrect choice.


9. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that he/she asks their Project Coordinator all questions pertaining to the Program in advance and the Coordinator will try to disclose any risks that the client may not be aware of in advance. GYSA cannot accept liability if the client omits to properly investigate the nature of the Program before attendance thereof and then later decides that he/she is no longer interested in completing the full Program.


10. The client further undertakes not to claim a refund or remedy and accepts full responsibility should the Project Coordinator decide to cancel the project due to a breach of the disciplinary code / policies or code of conduct of The Company by the Client. 


11. The Customer is hereby informed that there is a risk involved in attending certain projects (especially working in Town Ships where there is the risk of being hi-jacked or mugged) and/or partaking in some activities and/or sports (for example: in summer time, there is always a risk of shark attacks in False Bay when swimming or diving). Pease note that GYSA cannot be held liable for any harm/damage suffered by the customer if such damage was caused due to reasons beyond the reasonable control of GYSA (such risks may include but are not limited to any/all claims for harm/damage caused to the customer/his or her property due to any unintentional act of any person, in his/her representative capacity of GYSA). This will include loss or damage caused as a result of fire or theft, or any economical loss pertaining to the harm/damage caused.


12.  The Customer agrees that no indulgence whatsoever by GYSA shall constitute a waiver by the Supplier in respect of any of its rights herein. Under no circumstances will the Supplier be prevented from exercising any of its rights in terms of this Agreement.


13.  The Customer hereby agrees to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court for any action that may arise from this agreement.

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