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Ubuntu Learn 2 Swim & Surf Program is a Gap Year South Africa born initiative which focuses on teaching Swimming and Surfing to previously disadvantaged communities. We teach a combination of different ages groups ranging from youngsters around 09-15 years old to adults of 18+ years old. We teach this program as 6 Weeks Swimming & 6 Weeks Surfing.

The aim is to get more and more South Africans capable and comfortable in the water, and have the opportunity to experience Surfing as a meaningful therapy that addresses many relevant issues such as Gangsterism, Drug & Alcohol, Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Education and Learning Difficulties and much more.

Each lesson gives the student a new method or technique of controlling ones body and mind and boosts ones confidence as they overcome fears and barriers in their lives.

Volunteers Roles:

To Prepare Equipment: Wetsuits and Surf Boards.

To Assist the lead instructor with Students in order to ensure the lesson objectives are being achieved by all.

To ensure a safe Instructor/Student Ratio

To connect and mentor the students as well as to learn from the students and build meaningful relationships or even skills.

Ubuntu Groups

Making the most out of the sunshine toda

Desmand tutu HIV Youth Center

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.59.01

Desmand Tutu HIV Foundation

Having started this group of children in July they are on their last 2 weeks of their surfing program.

They have accomplished 6 weeks of learning to Swim, beginning with little knowledge of the water, tides and environmental elements that effect the ocean. They began with little competency unable to float, and with a lot of Fear of drowning. They can now swim comptantly and even hold their breath under water - with the champion holding a record breaking 1 minute breath hold.

They can all stand up on their surfboards and manage their equipment safely in the water, making them competent water swimmers. We are confident that over this December holidays this group of 15 year old's will be safe and confident swimming in the ocean, and that we have reached our goal of preventing drownings by improving competency and confidence of youth in underprivileged communities.

U16's Boys - Masiphumelele

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 11.07.32

Ottery Bruce Center

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 11.07.32

City Of Cape Town - Ottery Bruce Center



Starting on 15 November 2018, we will be teaching beginner Swim Lessons to a group of children from the Ottery Bruce Center - a youth development organization based in an impoverished community.

On the first weekend of December we will be taking these children on a Community Surf Camp - where they will have a full weekend of learn to surf, beach clean ups, ocean conservation and HIV awareness programs.

Starting back in January 2019 with follow up Swimming lessons and then 6 weeks of Surfing.

12-15 years old

It’s hot hot hot in Cape Town!!! With th

Westlake United Church Trust

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 11.14.17

Westlake United Church Trust 


"Thanks so much for teaching our kids to swim, it moves me to tears when I get all those beautiful reports from our facilitators.

One child that comes to mind is Joshua, a young man who is from Angola, he didn’t grow up near any river or sea, hearing how he’s enjoying the water truly makes me smile and I’m sure he must be feeling pretty good about himself too.

Give my sincere thanks to your team as well,

May the Lord bless you for all you are doing.  You guys are giving them a hobby that is so incredible instead of sitting at the taverns and or doing drugs.

Love and thanks to you all"


Child Care and Protection - WUCT


12-15 Years

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